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ShibWomen is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity in emerging technologies, specifically blockchain and web3.

Our primary goal is to support women by providing scholarships that enable them to pursue education and career opportunities in these fields.

We firmly believe that investing in women's education and empowerment will contribute to a more inclusive and innovative future
We will be attending ETH Toronto, August 15-16th 2023!

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Latest Nft Reveals / Give aways

Coming soon! Shibwomen NFTs:

A groundbreaking fusion of art and technology, empowering female artists and supporting charitable causes. Join the Shiba Inu community in a digital realm where creativity knows no bounds, and women redefine the blockchain landscape with exclusive and captivating artwork. Be part of a transformative movement that will soon leave an indelible mark on the future of art. Don't miss out on future giveaways and exciting opportunities to win exclusive NFTs. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of this revolutionary platform!

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Blockchain Academy:

Trust and Transparency:
Blockchain teaches us the value of trust and transparency through its decentralized and transparent ledger. It emphasizes the importance of building systems that promote trust and transparency in various aspects of life.

Security and Immutable Records:
Blockchain's sophisticated cryptography ensures data security and immutability. Once information is recorded on the blockchain, it becomes nearly impossible to alter or manipulate, highlighting the need for robust security measures.

Decentralization and Empowerment:

Blockchain's decentralized nature empowers individuals by removing intermediaries and enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions. It encourages us to explore alternative models that promote inclusivity, equality, and individual empowerment.

Collaboration and Consensus:
Blockchain operates on consensus achieved through collaboration and shared decision-making. It emphasizes the importance of cooperation and consensus-building, fostering stronger and more resilient systems.

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Road Map
Empowering Women on the Path to Success

May 2023

Establish a mission and vision for ShibWomen

May 2023 - TBD

Form a Web3 community for women with a Discord server, website, and social media accounts. Utilize various online resources to foster connection, idea-sharing, and mutual support among members.

May 2023 - ONGOING

Organize professional events and workshops, including hackathons, meet-ups, and conferences, to facilitate learning, networking, and collaboration among women. These gatherings will foster a strong sense of community and support.

May 2023 - ONGOING  

Engage with the broader Web3community to promote the mission and vision, and to build partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and individuals who share similar goals

May 2023 - NOV

Develop educational resources, including articles, videos, tutorials, and online courses, that provide women with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in this field. Begin 1st co-host group for Blockchain Introductory Course

May 2023 ONGOING  

Offering mentorship and unwavering support is paramount in empowering women to thrive in the Web3 arena. Implement a robust mentorship program, pairing seasoned professionals with newcomers, while also providing ongoing resources and assistance to facilitate goal attainment.


Obtain non-profit status & trademark
logo for future projects : merch, fragrance,
NFTs ,funding, scholarships ,etc.

Woman of the Month

Introducing our captivating Woman of the Month, an extraordinary force in the Web3 industry whose journey is as inspiring as her achievements.

With her unwavering passion, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and impeccable skills, she has left an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

A true pioneer, she has fearlessly navigated the complex world of blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized technologies, surpassing major milestones along the way.

With patience as her guiding compass, she has delved into the depths of this rapidly evolving industry, consistently honing her expertise.

Her profound impact resonates across projects, where she has demonstrated unparalleled innovation and a visionary approach.

Through her contributions, she has become a beacon of inspiration, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse Web3 ecosystem. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of determination, perseverance, and the transformative potential of women in technology.



Shiba Sequoia Forest
Shiba Sequoia Forest
Andrew Prater

Scott Page

Project Spotlight


Welcome to the Project Spotlight!

Here, we showcase the remarkable work and achievements of the ladies of ShibWomen. This page serves as a placeholder to give you a glimpse into the exciting endeavors some of the ShibWomen are currently undertaking.

Stay tuned for more information, updates, and an immersive experience that will captivate your imagination.

If you would like your project to be highlighted please send us a message through our

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Welcome to ShibWomen:

A platform dedicated to empowering women in web3 and STEM fields through scholarships and donations.

This page serves as a placeholder to introduce you to our mission and provide a glimpse into the exciting opportunities we offer. If you are interested in contributing to our cause, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Scholarship Program:

Our scholarship program aims to identify talented and motivated women who aspire to learn about blockchain and web3 technologies.

By awarding scholarships, we provide financial support for educational programs, courses, workshops, and even college tuition fees.

This initiative aims to remove barriers and create equal opportunities for women in these rapidly evolving industries.


We rely on the generosity of individuals and organizations to fund our scholarship program and expand our impact.

Your donations can help us provide more scholarships, support educational initiatives, and create a community that nurtures and empowers women in web3 and STEM.

Your safety matters! Please use
only this wallet address for donations:

Official Shibwomen Wallet Address.


When you donate at shibwomen.com
your contribution directly impacts lives, creating a brighter, more compassionate world. Thank you for your support!

If you are interested in making a donation in other ways or learning more about how you can contribute, please contact us:

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Empowering Women in Web3: Key Metrics

Community Engagement
Financial Independence
Mentorship and Support

t Shop - Currently Unavailable

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Please be patient as our dedicated community members are working tirelessly to complete this webpage.We understand your anticipation and eagerness to see the finished product, and we assure you that every effort is being made to ensure its timely completion. Our team is committed to delivering a high-quality website that meets your expectations and provides a seamless user experience. We appreciate your understanding and support as we put in the hard work to bring this project to fruition. Thank you for your patience and trust in our community's abilities.

Current Images Displayed are not current merchandise.


We appreciate your interest in ShibWomen and your desire to make a difference. To inquire about donations, scholarship opportunities, or to learn more about our work, please reach out to us using the following contact information:

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The Collective Canvas

The artists behind the website

In the beautiful tapestry of collaboration, a remarkable fusion of talents came together to bring this website to life.

The artists who embarked on this creative journey combined their diverse skills, boundless imagination, and unwavering dedication to craft an extraordinary digital experience.

Each brushstroke, each line of code, and each pixel meticulously crafted is a testament to their collective vision and shared passion.

From the masterful web designers who carefully crafted the user interface to the brilliant graphic artists who wove captivating visuals, every artist left an indelible mark, contributing their unique perspective and expertise.

This collaborative endeavor showcased the power of synergy, as these artists harmoniously blended their creative energies, seamlessly intertwining their talents to manifest a website that transcends boundaries and inspires all who encounter it.

Together, they have sculpted a digital masterpiece, igniting awe and enchantment, and leaving a lasting impression on all who embark on this captivating digital journey.

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Breaking Barriers

Biography Image

Meet Cristina Tello, aka ShibWriteHer, the creative force behind the Shiba Short Stories, the first-ever collection of stories written about a cryptocurrency.

With a passion for all things blockchain, ShibWriteHer has dabbled in YouTube informational videos with ShibaTV, sharing her knowledge and insights with the wider crypto community.

ShibWriteHer is more than just a writer and content creator.

She's also a community liaison for the LADS Shiba Sequoia Forest reforestation project, working tirelessly to protect the environment and promote sustainable practices in the crypto industry.

As the project manager for SHIBPREME, she's always looking for new ways to push the boundaries and drive innovation in the blockchain space.

Perhaps ShibWriteHer's greatest passion is ShibWomen, her co-founded project alongside Crypto Queen. With a mission to educate, empower, and encourage more women to onboard the blockchain,

ShibWomen is a true labor of love for ShibWriteHer. And with her infectious enthusiasm and sassy attitude, she's sure to make a big impact in the world of crypto and beyond.

Speaker at ETH Toronto in collaboration with

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